Tuesday, June 24, 2008

mylot--Paid to Post payment proof (six times)

I have been in mylot, the most popular paid to post site, for more than one year. This is the only community which I can stick to for a so long time! I really couldn’t experss how much I like mylot! Until now, I have got six payment from mylot. And now, I still have more than $20 in my mylot account.

mylot is a community for users to share opinions, make friends etc, not so similar to the so called network site, but it has many features like the network site. I like the paid to post feature of mylot because I can make extra money when participating the discussions or starting a discussion. In mylot, your opinion will generate revenue for you. What a amazing thing.

How it works

You may be puzzled why mylot pays users for their participation. Actually, the payment is only a way to attract more users, and more users means more traffic, then means more revenue from its sponsors. Mylot just shares its revenue from the sponsors with mylot members. That’s a general working way of paid to post site.

Mylot is the best

During the past one year, I tried many paid to post sites, but most of them have gone away. Mylot is the most creditable, stable paid to post site I have ever joined. Mylot can survive just because it has effective rules to keep the spammer away and and impulse users to post high quality discussions and responses. In Mylot, if you can post seriously and carefully, you will get what you deserve.

Click here to join mylot and start to make some extra money

My mylot payment (six times)

I have got six payments from Mylot since I joined it. I post not too much now beause the earnings from it is not a main source of my online earnings (I am running my own site,^_^), but I do login it every day because it has become a daily site of mine. sometimes, I just read without posting anything until I found some topics I wanna respond to. Even so, I sitll can get monthly payment from Mylot.

The following is my six payments from Mylot. They are transfered to my paypal account.(If you have not a paypal account, you can get one here: http://www.paypal.com)

mylot payment proof

How to join it

Now, just Click here to join mylot and start to make some extra money

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