Friday, February 29, 2008

Earn Money by Uploading Pictures in Shareapic

Have you collected many wonderful pictures in your computer, maybe taken by yourselfe, maybe found online. Do you wanna find an online space to store your pictures? Do you wanna earn some extra money when others view your pictures?
Now you can get paid just by uploading pictures in Sharepic!
Sharepic is a great community for photographers or those who like collecting pictures, whatever you take by yourself, or just download from other sites. You can upload all of your pictures to provides you a space to keep your pictures online. Also if others view your pictures, you can be paid depending on number of image views of your pictures.
Getting Started:
Step 1: Create a new gallery
Step 2: Click the gallery to upload images(No Adult Contents!)
Step 3: Get thumbnail linking code to generate image views

Sharepic provides you some tools to promote your pictures. In your own galleries, you can generate some image codes which you can put these codes to your MSN space,blogs or websites. The thumbnail You pictures will be displayed as Clickable thumbnails. If your vistors to your blogs or spaces are interested in your pictures, they may click on the thumnail to have a look, ya, okay, you begin to earn money. Also you can send some links of your pictures to your friends, and that's also a good way to improve image views.
Ok, if you have many pictures, have your own blogs or MSN space or websites, and have many friends, sharepic is a great place for you to earn some extra money when share your wonderful pictures with others.

It's free to join.
Just a have a try, you can find more information in FAQ after registration.
click here to join it.

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