Monday, March 12, 2007

Paid forum--A new paid to post forum! $5 joining bonus

A new paid to post forum comes out! that's called Paid Forum!
It is like mylot, just with different payrate. (Click here to see what mylot is)
Now you can get $5 joining bonus. and you can get 5 cents for every thread you start, and 1 cent for every response you post.
Also in order to get more members, now you can get $1 for every members you refer.
Really a good buck!!
The minimum payout for the first two month is $50, and after then, it will be decreased.
now, there are a few members who have been paid, and you can find the payment proof in the forum.
  • $5 joining bonus
  • 5 cents for every thread
  • 1 cent for every response
  • $1 for every member you referwhy not have a try!

why not have a try?
just click the link below to join Paid forum.

Click here to join Paid forum

Have a nice day!

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