Sunday, April 8, 2007 Paid to Sign Up, A great paid to sign up site! You can earn $10+ in an hour very easily by completing 4-10 sign-up offers.

How about It

1. Most of the sign up offers are $1-4, and it is very easy to complete the offers. most of the offters are free-trial offers, just register and confirm your membership without any other requirements. Think about that, $1-4 per sign up offer! really a good pay rate for paid to signup programs!
2. payout limit is $10, and the payment are sent to your paypal account!
3. A rule is that only the members from USA are allowed to participate in offers, but international members can earn money through referral commissions.

How to Start

1. Create your account .Click here creat a account.
2. Complete offers. Most offers are free trials, each has it's own payout value(mostly $1-4). Once you've completed an offer, just click the "done" button to claim it.
3. As soon as receive verification of offer completion, they'll add your earnings to your account. You can view earnings on the stats page.
4. As soon as you reach the minimum payout of $10.00, just hit the "Cashout" button to instantly cash out! An administrator will review the cashout request, usually within 24 hours. Once approved, you're paid instantly via PayPal! Other sites make you wait until next month, with you can get paid TODAY!
5. Refer your friends using your personal referral URL. Earn a commission on all of your referrals with UNLIMITED referral levels, starting at 25% for your direct referrals!
6. Have fun as you rise in rank and power. Recruiting new soldiers and earning cash.

Really a great site, many members have been paid, you can find the payment proof after registration.
Click here to Join and have a try!

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